WATCH: Biden AG Nominee Merrick Garland Refuses to Call Illegally Crossing the Border a Crime


Joe Biden’s pick for Attorney General refused to state that illegally crossing our border is a crime during his nomination hearing on Monday.

During the hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley asked the nominee, Merrick Garland, if he believes that illegally crossing our borders should remain a crime.

“Do you believe that illegal entry at America’s borders should remain a crime?” Hawley asked.

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“I haven’t thought about that question… uhhh… uhhhhhhh… I just haven’t thought about that question,” Garland reluctantly replied. “I think the uh, the uh, president has, uh, made clear that we are a country of uh with borders and uh a concern about national security. Um, I don’t know of proposal to uh decriminalize, but um, still make it unlawful to uh, enter.”

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Garland continued to assert that he does not know the answer to the question and hasn’t thought about it.

Hawley went on to ask if he will continue to prosecute unlawful border crossings.

“This is again, ah, uh, a question of allocation of resources. We will uh, the department, will um ah um, I don’t know,” Garland rambled nearly incoherently.

The nominee eventually said that he “assumes” the answer will be yes, but that he doesn’t know.

When questioned by Hawley about if he considers Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks on the courthouse in Portland to be “domestic terrorism,” Garland said he might not, because those attacks happened at night.

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