WaPo Fact-Checker Gets Hilariously Fact-Checked After Dissing Trump’s CPAC Speech

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Glenn Kessler, the notorious Washington Post fact-checker, must have felt something resembling purpose when he tuned into President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech Saturday afternoon, but wound up with egg on his face. Trump attacked Biden, demanding that the president “get the schools open.” Kessler couldn’t help himself.

“Trump complaining about kids not back in schools yet,” Kessler tweeted. “Who was president a month ago?”

If Kessler was trying to say that President Trump was in office a month ago, he should have checked his calendar. Trump delivered his speech on the last day of February, and Joe Biden has been in office over a month now. So, the answer to Kessler’s rhetorical question is: Joe Biden.

And boy did he get called out for his poor fact-checking.

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