Mitt Romney Suffers a Black Eye and Stitches After Fall Over Weekend Knocked Him Unconscious


Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has a black eye and had to get stitches after a fall that knocked him unconscious.

Romney, 73, said he fell down while visiting his son in Boston over the weekend, however he did not elaborate on his accident.

“I took a fall, knocked me unconscious but I’m doing better.” Romney told the Capitol press pool on Monday.

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Romney cracked a joke about CPAC, “I had kind of a tough, tough weekend. You see that?” Romney said. “I went to CPAC, that was a problem.”

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  1. Sounds to me like “Mittens” needs to turn-in that Magic Underwear for a warranty adjustment! But then WHAT the hell was he doing in Massachusetts? I thought he was representing UTAH…but I guess not.

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