Georgia Is Where the Lies Are

Governor Brian Kemp (R., Ga.) signs the law S.B. 202 in this photo posted to his Twitter feed on March 25, 2021. (@GovKemp/Twitter via Reuters)

For the third time in as many years, fabulists of all stripes have descended on the Peach State to stoke an entirely baseless political controversy.


nce again, the liars of the world have descended upon Georgia, which, in its infancy as a purplish state, has become a cynosure for fabulists of all stripes. This is the third time in as many years that Georgia has been wantonly maligned. Who among us would bet against there being a fourth before the end of next year?

The tradition started in earnest in 2018, when Stacey Abrams became nationally famous for refusing to accept the results of a fair election that she lost by 50,000 votes. Abrams still insists that she was cheated, is supported in this holding by …

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