Are you ready for … the pro-life Roe v Wade Hollywood movie?


If so, your wait is over tomorrow. On Good Friday, the independent film Roe v Wade will get a wide release in practically every on-line and cable platform. It tells the back story of the court case that became Roe v Wade from the pro-life perspective of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was one of the original pro-abortion activists until ultrasound convinced him that abortion was killing human life. Nathanson then went on to produce The Silent Scream, a documentary which galvanized the pro-life movement.

I included the trailer and links on today’s show post, but this effort deserves a thread of its own as well:

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Probably the most amazing aspect of this film is that it got made in the first place, and then got a distribution deal on top of it. Nicholas Loeb has been in Hollywood a long while, starting on the finance side at Universal but quickly moving to the creative side, forming his own production company. The cast includes some familiar faces in the conservative-entertainment sphere, such as Jon Voight and Robert Davi, but also a few other stellar character actors in key roles — Corbin Bernsen, Steve Guttenberg, John Schneider, and William Forsythe, to name a few.

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Given the lack of balance from the entertainment industry on the issue of abortion, readers might want to check out Loeb’s effort here. He not only produced the film but also co-wrote, co-directed, and stars as Nathanson as well. Earlier today, I interviewed Nick and discussed the unusual journey of the Roe v Wade film, where Nick told me he felt the hand of God pushing it toward the finish line. He also discussed his next project with me, which sounds just as intriguing in every sense of the word.

Nick comes on at about the 59-minute mark. Enjoy the interview, and check out the links below to find out more about the film.

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