DNI Avril Haines and the coming UAP Task Force report


As we’ve covered here in the past, the Senate is expecting a report from the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force by June 25th regarding what is known about the various unidentified aerial phenomena – or UFOs, if you prefer – that have been reportedly showing up in restricted airspace around the United States. (And most of the world, for that matter.) However, concerns have been raised as to how forthcoming the military plans to be on this subject. Some insiders have claimed that the Task Force has only had minimal resources put in place to prepare the report, while others say that the Pentagon is flat-out stonewalling the people asking for the information needed to comply with the Senate’s directives.

The person who is most directly responsible for complying with the directive is the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. The new DNI has only been on the job for a little over two months and she’s had a seriously hot potato dropped in her lap with this UAP subject. It’s a topic that has, for more than half a century, been cloaked in secrecy and obfuscation while simultaneously drawing scorn and ridicule from governmental and scientific authorities. But both the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and the Armed Forces Committee have been taking it seriously, receiving classified briefings on the subject from a variety of military and intelligence community witnesses. The stakes are high, considering the fact that they are assessing whether these cryptic vehicles (if that’s what they are) represent significant threat to national security.

So what will Avril Haines do? Over at Medium, Bryce Zabel, a close follower of the UAP topic, has penned an open letter to the DNI, beseeching her to do the right thing. Bryce covers the history leading up to the request for the report and points to significant findings and evidence supporting the reality of these UAP and makes the case for having the Pentagon finish the job they’ve been assigned, releasing as much information as possible in the unclassified version of the report. He closes with an impassioned plea for transparency.

There are already reports popping up that ODNI has devoted minimal resources to this effort, and there is a good chance that your report will be delayed. That would be unfortunate, and the DNI should endeavor not to let that happen.

We want to move on with whatever the next phase is, be it wondrous or troubling, frightening or reassuring. It is simply time.

Help your nation and the world. You have been given an incredible opportunity to play a specific and important role in shaping the history of planet Earth going forward. Don’t shirk the duty, don’t postpone the inevitable.

Get on with it. Speak the truth. We actually can handle it.

Allow me to echo Bryce’s sentiments here and briefly expand on them. We’re not talking about some sort of partisan issue here where Republicans and Democrats from the left and the right need to find some excuse to turn this into a food fight. The study from the Senate Intelligence Committee was completely bipartisan in nature and was supported nearly equally by senators from both parties. Resistance to the creation and release of this report isn’t coming from the halls of Congress. It’s coming from the darker recesses of the military-industrial complex that have fought against the publication of this type of information for more than seventy years, slandering those who sought to discuss it openly.

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Joe Biden and his administration – particularly the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have a unique opportunity before them. Biden himself has promised a new era of transparency in government and claimed that he wants to be a straight-talking president who deals honestly with the electorate. By pulling back the government’s curtains on the UAP issue, this administration has the opportunity to set the stage for something that’s potentially revolutionary. The answers to some of the most perplexing questions that have plagued mankind for all of our existence are potentially closer to our grasp than they have ever been before. Biden and Haines could make history by doing this and it wouldn’t cost them one iota of political capital to do so.

There are currently efforts underway in the public sector to draw more attention to this report, particularly among members of Congress who will have to decide what to do next if the report is either abandoned or whitewashed. One of these is The Big Phone Home. On Saturday, April 24th, people from around the country will be joining together to call and write to their elected representatives, urging them to publicly come out in support of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and call for the release of a comprehensive report on what the government knows about UAPs, providing all of the information possible that wouldn’t seriously jeopardize national security. The people organizing The Big Phone Home are providing contact information for elected officials across the country, along with suggested message content if you aren’t familiar enough with the topic to know what is being requested. I would ask that as many of you as possible consider joining in on this effort, even if you’re not generally all that interested in the UAP topic. After all, what do you have to lose? The worst that can happen is that the government will put out a report.

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