‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ Live Chat with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit – Replay

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Stephen Kruiser, Bryan Preston, and me, Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit, are ready to report for virtual duty once more.

So don’t touch that dial but do touch that mouse.

That sounded wrong, didn’t it?

What I’m trying to say is, PJ Media’s bestest and most popular weekly live chat* “Five O’Clock Somewhere” returns at its usual time, 3:30pm this Thursday.

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For two, maybe even three hours, we’ll take your questions while enjoying lovely adult beverages and riffing on the news, pop culture, and grilling.

Although I must admit that your questions have been getting fewer and farther in between — and for the best possible reason.

Such a fun little community has sprung up around the show that our VIP Gold members have even more fun with one another in the chat room as they once did just peppering us with stuff.

We’ll see you on Thursday — can’t wait!

* “Bestest and most popular” is according to data recently collected and/or invented by VodkaPundit Interwebs Tracking Services LLC.

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