Your Weekly Good News Round-Up: Eggapalooza, Purple Unicorns, and Hot Smokin’ Lava

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It is Good Friday and today Christians celebrate the good news of the Gospel. I’ll refrain from drinking jokes today. We’ll go with religious art instead.


Silk Tie-Dying

Since there aren’t too many Easter egg hunts in public (still) you might have extra time to do something special for the kids and this dying method seems like it’s easy and would provide the extra bonus of getting rid of ugly ties you want to clean out of your drawers. Or, you can be like me and skip egg dying altogether because I’m not fun and my kids already got to do it about a dozen times. That’s enough, isn’t it?

[embedded content]

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The Not-So-Perfect Deviled Egg Recipe

When you’re done with all your egg festivities you have to do something with all those hard-boiled eggs. Leave it to my mom to have the perfect solution. She really does make terrific deviled eggs and she made a video so us kids will stop asking her how to make them. The added bonus of this video is my dad stepping in with his famous critiques. Wait for it. He’s a beast. My mother is a well-known saint for not smothering him in the middle of the night at some point along the way. These two need their own show…and yes, I know I look exactly like my father.

[embedded content]

Cutest theft story ever…

I mean…this is just wonderful. I’m a little annoyed that the Dollar Store employees locked him out but all is well that ends well. When a dog this cute wants a stuffed unicorn, you buy it for him. Duh.

Lava and chill with spectacular drone footage

Drone footage of an active volcano in Iceland set to chill beats is probably the coolest thing you’ll see all day. Headphones on, full screen, and chill out for three incredible minutes with this stunning natural phenomenon.

[embedded content]

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful Easter weekend!

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