Big Government Protects Itself


Yesterday I wrote about the suppression by YouTube of a video with Governor DeSantis and a group of public-health experts. Allies of the mega-state would rather that criticism of its authoritarian COVID policies be suppressed.

Today, I read that the Legal Insurrection Foundation is continuing its battle to get records from SUNY Upstate Medical School regarding its apparently sweeping “diversity, equity and inclusion” program. Read Bill Jacobson’s article on it here.

The officials who run the school obviously would like to prevent people from knowing exactly what their obsession with diversity is doing and what it costs. Despite New York’s Freedom of Information Law, the school’s officials don’t want any sunlight to penetrate their actions.

This reminds me of the way the State Bar of California has fought to keep UCLA law professor Rick Sander from getting information about the impact of affirmation action in law schools so he can further support his case that racial preferences are counterproductive.

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