Meghan McCain savages ‘The View,’ other outlets for ‘liberal bias,’ praises Fox News: ‘There’s a reason why Fox News is killing it in the ratings and laps everyone else’

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Meghan McCain, the sole conservative co-host on “The View,” scorched the “liberal media” — including her own TV show — for what she says is its apparent bias against conservatives.

What are the details?

McCain on Wednesday took her show and other networks to task and defended Fox News following two of the network’s recent walk backs regarding stories on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to Mediaite:

At issue are recent gaffes made by Fox News in recent days that required varying levels of walk backs. John Roberts provided an on-air correction after numerous programs falsely suggested that President Joe Biden is planning to limit individual beef consumption and that Vice President Kamala Harris is personally benefitting from having her children’s book given to migrant children after they cross the border. Neither of these stories are true.

In her remarks, McCain criticized what she described as mainstream media avoiding hot button stories such as the Hunter Biden laptop story and more.

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“What I find interesting is not the stories we talk about, but the stories we don’t talk about,” she insisted, pointing out what she believed is a liberal bias in reporting.

“We never talked about Hunter Biden whereas [if] Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Jr. coughed in the wrong directions we talk about it,” she added.

Why did McCain defend Fox News?

She also defended Fox News and said that the cable news network runs laps around other media outlets in the way of ratings.

“There’s a reason why Fox is killing it in the ratings and laps everyone else,” she said. “It’s because it seems like it’s rigged every place else. You think Jim Acosta isn’t an activist? I don’t have any trust in people on CNN.”

“I take such umbrage at this entire concept that liberal media which runs all of media, all of tech, all of entertainment, all of music, all three branches of government, I’m supposed to feel bad that Fox News has like, two things that have been inaccurate?” she asked. “I mean, let’s go down the list of things on CNN and NBC that are inaccurate.”


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