The Kruiser Kabana Episode 119: Comedian Kevin Downey Jr. Is Having Fun in Red States

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At Least Some of America Wants to Have Fun

My old buddy Kevin Downey Jr. is back at the Kabana for the first time in a while. He’s hitting the road and doing some gigs again and we go over not only how that is working out but where it’s working out.

If the stand-up industry isn’t changed forever (which I think it is), it’s going to be changed for a very long time. Kevin and I examine that scenario and, as usual, we swap a few road stories.


Yeah, I’m dying to get on stage again.

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Kevin spends every day on Facebook basically daring Zuckerberg to ban him. Follow him there just for that fun.

I’m very excited to announce that Kevin will soon be making his debut as our newest PJ Media contributor. He has to undergo the hazing and our industry-standard “Lack of Sensitivity” training first. Once that is completed, he will be given our code list of derogatory names we call Joe Biden when communicating among ourselves and then he will be good to go.


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