Race Demagogues Are Poisoning Our Politics

A demonstrator holds a sign during events marking Juneteenth in New York City City, June 19, 2020. (Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters)

Our racial problem is getting worse, even as we strive as a nation to marginalize racism.


enator Tim Scott is entirely right: “America is not a racist country.” But America has a serious racial problem. Not a racism problem, a racial problem.

We have a party in power whose strategy for remaining in power is to divide the country along racial lines. Democrats calculate that urban-centered racialist tribalism, amplified by media and pop-culture allies and underwritten by cowed corporations, can cast mainstream America as a deplorable bastion of white supremacism.

The Republicans, the party out of power, generally lack Senator Scott’s confidence and tact in making the counter-case.

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