How the Boycott-Georgia Movement Flopped

Al Herring holds a placard as opposing groups of demonstrators attend a gathering outside the Georgia State Capitol to protest HB 531, which would place tougher restrictions on voting, in Atlanta, Ga., March 8, 2021. (Dustin Chambers/Reuters)

As usual, the movement’s hysterical leaders were the last to realize that they’d been shooting themselves in the foot.


he thing about boycotts is that they don’t work too well in a vacuum. If you start a parade and no one gets in line behind you, you aren’t a leader; you’re just a fool walking down the middle of the street twirling a baton.

The failed boycott-Georgia movement illustrates the limits of the Democratic Party’s tactic of attaching hysterical overreaction and claims of racism to virtually any Republican idea, even a routine package of voting reforms. The Democrats turned the volume up to eleven on the Georgia elections bill signed into law March 25, labeling it the second coming of

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