New Mexico Special Election Could Further Reduce Pelosi’s House Majority

New Mexico Republican State Senator Mark Moores (left) and Democratic State Representative Melanie Stansbury (Campaign ad images via Facebook)

Voting begins today in a surprisingly important House race.


ancy Pelosi’s majority in the House of Representatives continues to shrink. The recent swearing-in of Republican Julia Letlow of Louisiana has taken the House Democrats’ majority down to 218–212. This means that Pelosi has a mere two-vote governing majority with which to push the Biden administration’s big-government agenda.

The GOP will soon have another chance to reduce Pelosi’s margin for error when voters in New Mexico’s first congressional district (which includes Albuquerque and its environs) go to the polls to elect a replacement for Biden’s newly minted secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, a Democrat. Early voting begins today, while Election

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