Andrew Yang Criticizes ‘Defund The Police’ after NYC Shooting

Andrew Yang speaks at an event announcing his candidacy for New York City mayor in Manhattan, January 14, 2021. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

During an appearance at the Crossroads of the World Sunday morning, NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang said the city cannot afford to “defund the police,” after an shooting incident involving three bystanders happened the day prior.

“The truth is that New York City cannot afford to defund the police,” Yang said. “When I talk to New Yorkers I get a very different message every single day.”

“New Yorkers are concerned about rising rates of of violent crime, petty crime, street homelessness. This is what we are seeing, and we need our city’s leaders to step up right now,” he continued.

Skye Martinez, a four-year old girl, was shopping for toys at Line Friends on Saturday when a gunman bickering with three other people fired his weapon into the crowd, shooting her and two other tourists.

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All three people are expected to recover from their injuries.

Yang is a frontrunner for the June 22 mayoral primary in New York City. The candidate emphasized the need for well-resourced and -staffed law enforcement to protect the city and its residents.

“Nothing works in our city without public safety, and for public safety we need the police,” Yang said. “My message to the NYPD is this: New York needs you. Your city needs you. We need you to do your jobs professionally, responsibly, and justly.”

“And as you do these things, the people of New York will have your backs. I will have your back. Defund the Police is wrong for New York City,” Yang added.

If elected mayor, Yang promised to “appoint reform-minded officers to help gets guns out of our communities,” and send more cops to areas with higher gun violence.

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