End All COVID Restrictions

An employee holds a sign reminding fans to wear their mask during a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn., April 24, 2021. (David Berding-USA TODAY Sports)

I’m about done caring about this virus, and you should be too.


ot long ago, it was hard to get a vaccine. The shots were in short supply and reserved for the most vulnerable populations. Not long before that, vaccines weren’t available at all, and one COVID wave after another was killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.

I supported the initial lockdowns, hoping they would buy us time to find other ways to keep the virus at bay. I then continued to support lighter, more-targeted restrictions later in the pandemic.

But now that vaccines are widely available, it’s time to start ending all of that. Outside of very rare scenarios, such as when someone …

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