Chris Cuomo’s Ugly Abortion Rant

Chris Cuomo moderates a Democratic town hall in Columbia, South Carolina, February 23, 2016. (Rainier Ehrhardt/Reuters)

Vacuous, absurd comments from a true abortion radical


ith the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a challenge to Roe V. Wade next session, CNN Cuomo Prime Time host Chris Cuomo took to the air to smear “hard-right” pro-lifers who “get up in their religion and righteousness” as misogynistic racists. His rant offered some of the most vacuous and absurd contentions popular among abortion advocates.

Cuomo began by lamenting the fact that no one has empowered a “special commission” of scientists and experts to study the abortion issue because we lack “intellectual curiosity.” Cuomo, it seems, is unaware that there are thousands of studies already in existence on this topic.

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