‘Diversity Training’ Continues Its Kudzu-like Growth

A large patch of Kudzu quickly takes over a parking lot. (Atlantagreg/Getty Images)

If you’ve driven through the South during the summer, you will probably have noticed fields being overrun with kudzu. Kudzu was brought into the U.S. almost a century ago. Some thought it would be a nice ground-cover plant. Nobody knew that it would turn into an invasive blight.

Similarly, “diversity training” is spreading all over the American higher-education system. It is meant to implant “woke” ideas regarding race and power into the minds of administrators, faculty, and students.

The kudzu has grown all over NC State, as Shannon Watkins reports in today’s Martin Center article.

She writes:

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Last June, NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson released a statement decrying individual and systemic racism and revealed the university’s plan to roll out mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion training for students, faculty, and staff:

“As one first step, in the coming academic year, we will require every student, faculty and staff member to complete diversity and inclusion learning modules. This will include every member of Cabinet as well as all of the deans, directors and department heads of the university.”

And what are those “learning modules” like? Watkins explains:

One of the scenarios, for example, states:

“Taylor, who is white, notices his Navajo friend Kai, wearing a turquoise and silver necklace. “That’s pretty, but I hope you didn’t get it at Urban Mercantile. They’ve been selling lots of Native American-type jewelry, but I’m sure you’d want to support Native artists, not chain stores. Nobody should shop there.” Is Taylor offering helpful information?”

Students must select this answer: “No, Taylor is being condescending and could lose his friend’s trust.”

If students choose either of the following answers, they will not be able to continue with the rest of the module, and will be unable to complete the mandatory training:

  • “Yes, he’s demonstrating his cultural sensitivity and has good intentions”

  • “Maybe, if Taylor is a Native American Studies major, and the necklace is a knockoff.”

What good does it do to hector people with stuff like this? It probably reinforces ideas that leftists already harbored. It certainly puts a lot of money into the pockets of the companies that have sprung up to fill the demand for this virtue-signaling “service.”

Watkins sticks the landing in her conclusion:

Force-feeding students with concepts such as “othering,” “whitesplaining,” and “intersectionality” is not only disturbing — it is an open effort to ingrain a pernicious ideology into the next generation of Americans. Boards of trustees and the UNC Board of Governors have it within their authority to put a stop to the shameless ideological campaign that hides under the banner of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” It’s time that they step up to the plate.

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