Former Attorney General William Barr Called Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims ‘Bulls**t’: Report

Attorney general William Barr sits with President Trump during a White House meeting in Washington, D.C., September 23, 2020. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)

Former attorney general William Barr reportedly said that he knew all along that former President Trump’s claims of election fraud were “bulls**t,” according to a new book.

ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl is set to release his book Betrayal in November. The book, excerpted in the Atlantic on Sunday, includes a series of interviews with the former attorney general on the final days of the Trump administration. 

Barr reportedly discussed his decision to give prosecutors the go-ahead to investigate the fraud allegations and to launch his own unofficial probe into the claims.

“My attitude was: It was put-up or shut-up time,” Barr reportedly told Karl.

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“If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bulls**t,” Barr added.

Barr also debunked claims that voting machines nationwide were rigged to switch votes from Trump to now-president Biden.

“We realized from the beginning it was just bulls**t,” Barr told Karl.

“It’s a counting machine, and they save everything that was counted. So you just reconcile the two. There had been no discrepancy reported anywhere, and I’m still not aware of any discrepancy,” he added.

He said the Justice Department investigated an allegation that ballots were being wheeled into a central precinct in Wayne County, Mich., and found that in every other county, they count the ballots at the precinct, but in Wayne County they bring them into one central counting place.

“So the boxes are coming in all night,” he said. “The fact that boxes are coming in—well, that’s what they do.”

The former attorney general reportedly also told Karl that the lawyers who led Trump’s legal fights related to the 2020 election results were a “clown show.”

Barr also said then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) repeatedly called on the attorney general to speak out against Trump’s claims of election fraud.

McConnell reportedly told Barr that the claims were damaging to the country and the Republican party and hurt the GOP’s efforts in the two Georgia Senate runoff races.

The Senate leader reportedly confirmed the account to Karl.

“Look, we need the president in Georgia,” McConnell told Barr. “And so we cannot be frontally attacking him right now. But you’re in a better position to inject some reality into this situation. You are really the only one who can do it.”

“I understand that,” Barr reportedly said. “And I’m going to do it at the appropriate time.”

Trump reportedly blasted Barr for his comment, asking him “How the f*** could you do this to me? Why did you say it?”

“Because it’s true,” Barr replied.

Trump said, “You must hate Trump. You must hate Trump.”

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