Glenn Beck SLAMS Biden’s bizarre whisper-filled gaffe fest

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On “The Glenn Beck Program,” Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere reacted to President Joe Biden’s weird whispering as he took questions about his $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal at the White House last week.

On at least three separate occasions during the news conference, the president leaned in and whispered his response to reporters’ questions. At one point, Biden used his creepy whisper to tell small business owners who are struggling to find workers to just “Pay them more.”

Apparently, Biden blames employers for America’s labor shortages, not the $300-a-week unemployment benefits, which his administration plans to continue until at least September.

At another point, Biden whisper-bragged, “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief support.”

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“He got $1.9 trillion from whom, exactly?” asked Stu.

At least we know the president’s stance on the “Tuskegee Airmen” and “Lateenex,” which is either another form of the woke term “latinx” — which most Latinos despise — or a “new product from Kleenex,” Glenn added.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn and Stu unpack the latest round of Biden’s gaffes and lies:

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