AZ State Senator Defends TGP Reporter, Calls on RINO Michelle Ugenti-Rita to Resign


Michelle Ugenti-Rita

Arizona state senator Kelly Townsend defended Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson after RINO state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita had him removed from Trump’s rally and arrested.

On Saturday, President Trump spoke at the Rally to Protect Elections in Phoenix, Arizona.

Several local politicians were invited to speak at the rally today.

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Arizona RINO State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita also gave a speech but she was booed off of the stage as her words were muffled by the crowd, turned angry mob.

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In an effort to save her speech, she yelled at her peasants “I’m going to win the primary!”

After feeling the heat from the crowd of thousands, Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson ran into her in another part of the arena.

Conradson asked her why she killed Senator Kelly Townsend’s chain of custody and election integrity bills.

A few minutes later Conradson was detained by event officials and escorted from the building for “harassing” Ugenti Rita.

After walking away, he called AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend, who encouraged him to come back peacefully and fight this.

On Sunday, Ugenti-Rita lashed out at Townsend and said she “encouraged” Jordan Conradson to “break the law.”

“A so-called reporter was removed by police and event security from an event yesterday after repeatedly harassing me. Then Kelly Townsend encouraged him to break the law by committing trespassing by re-entering the building to continue to harass me,” Ugenti said. ” This shows Townsend erratic emotional behavior and sick personal vendetta against me and others masked as caring about election integrity. If she isn’t stopped someone is going to get hurt.
Karen Fann this is the 2nd Senate member has encouraged violence against and you continue to ignore the situation. You must deal with her behavior immediately for the safety of the public, staff and members.”

Kelly Townsend hit back and defended TGP’s Jordan Conradson.

Kelly Townsend: “This is pure libel. I did not encourage him to break the law, I defended him against your tyranny and violation of the 1st amendment. You have violated your oath,
Michelle Ugenti, at this point you need to resign.”

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