VIDEO: Crowder opens up about the time he learned he was on an ISIS kill list

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In this clip, Steven Crowder sat down with comedians Nick Di Paolo and Dave Landau and discussed the death threats and terrorist threats they received over the years.

Di Paolo recalled when a threat was made on his life while he was on his way to perform stand-up in Las Vegas.

“I was on the phone with the FBI and we had to make the hotel aware … It was scary,” he said.

Crowder recalled when the local police showed up at his house to inform him that his address, his wife’s work address, and the driving route from home to his wife’s place of work had been exposed to the public on YouTube.

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The police became aware of the situation when a fan from London noticed an address posted in the comment section under one of Crowder’s YouTube videos and decided to cross-reference the zip code to see who lived there. The fan realized the address was legitimate and contacted the local police. Crowder later learned he was on an ISIS kill list and a terrorist posted the address.

Watch the clip to hear Crowder tell the story. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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