Never-Trump Brat Liz Cheney DEAD LAST in Favorability Ratings with GOP Voters at Negative 47%


In a recent poll Never-Trumper Liz Cheney ranked dead last in favorability in the US among GOP voters.

Cheney scored a negative 47 in her favorability rating.
But she doesn’t really care. That much is clear.

The Federalist reported:

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Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney is the most unpopular Republican in the country among GOP voters, according to a new poll out this month reported by Axios.

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While Donald Trump Jr. and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis led in a survey of prominent Republicans, with a 55 and 54 percent net approval rating respectively, Cheney’s ratings tanked at negative 43 percent.

Cheney’s unfavorable ratings in the nationwide poll reflect similar results from surveys conducted in her own state.

What is interesting about the poll is that President Trump was left off but Donald Trump Jr. was included.
Why was that?

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