Two Moms Fought against Left-Wing Indoctrination. Their Kids Paid the Price

Columbus Academy in Ohio (Contributed)
How families have been torn apart amid accusations of bullying, racism and leftwing social justice indoctrination at a prestigious Ohio prep school.

Amy Gonzalez had concerns about her daughter’s school before the “Justice in June” email.

She worried about stories of Columbus Academy teachers pushing left-wing politics in their classes. An advocate of celebrating diversity, Gonzalez questioned the increasing number of insular affinity groups popping up around the school. And she was concerned about the motivations of the school’s diversity director, who, she say, openly described the elite Ohio private school’s history as “110 years of white supremacy.”

But it was the “Justice in June” email, she said, when she knew things had finally gone too far.

Sent to parents in the wake of George …

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