Liberals Worlwide Are Ramping Up the Panic About COVID Stats. Here Are Some Fast Facts.

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COVID Realities

Rumor has it we are headed for another lockdown as libs continue to lie about COVID stats and broadcast more fear-mongering.

The woman who published the tweet below, Debbie Burnett, is running against Rep. Boebert in Colorado. She is histrionic about COVID. She is actually a veterinarian who volunteers at a hospital as a physical therapist. The rolling average of new COVID cases in Aspen, Colorado (which is Boebert’s district) is five per day. This woman is dangerous.

It’s All About Control

On January 13, 2021, The United States was averaging 4,154 COVID-related deaths per day. Today our national 7-day average is 276, yet the Democrats are leading us into another lockdown. Liberals are good with that. Biden is actually considering a federal vaccine mandate, as per Center for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Wallensky (who then had to walk it back), even though a recent questionable study by the CDC shows evidence that vaccinations don’t keep people from getting COVID. The same study suggests vaccinated people can carry and spread the virus.

But is that study valid?

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New York City’s Mega Marxist mayor, Warren Wilhelm Bill De Blasio, is pushing for vaccination mandates of his own.

“All options are on the table.” De Blasio told CNN. “We’re climbing the ladder in terms of more mandates, tougher and tougher measures to make sure people are vaccinated.” He is following Biden’s lead and is paying New Yorkers $100 to raise their sleeves.

New York City is averaging three COVID deaths per day.

FACT-O-RAMA! Las Vegas is, again, requiring people to wear a mask in casinos.

Johns Hopkins University, well respected and trusted when it comes to COVID stats, is not currently reliable for COVID data as data dumps from various states are leading to chaos.

Learn From Your Mistakes

We know that lockdowns don’t work. Blue states imposed the most authoritarian lockdowns and paid the price. Los Angeles County, Cook County, (Chicago), and Kings County, (New York City) are the three top counties for COVID deaths.

Johns Hopkins knows lockdowns are deadly.

People are more susceptible to infection when it’s cold and dry outside, and that’s when we gather indoors. And the buildings we gather in are designed to be low ventilation in order to be more energy efficient. All of that contributes. Most disease transmission happens inside and we live our lives indoors.

Fast Facts

  • The U.S. has had 34,961,193 confirmed cases of COVID, that’s roughly 10.59% of the population.
  • 0-2 people die of COVID every day in Chicago. 115 have been shot this week thus far, 13 have died.
  • Michigan, once a COVID hotspot, reported only 19 COVID deaths in the last three days

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