BREAKING: Judge Napolitano at FOX News Is Accused in Lawsuit of Sexually Harassing Young Men at Work


A lawsuit was filed this morning in New York accusing FOX News of allowing select individuals at the company to harass others at the company.  Judge Napolitano was singled out for harassing young men at the company over many years.

A lawsuit was filed this morning in New York related to the company’s actions to selectively address accusations of harassment within the company.  In regards to Judge Napolitano, the suit alleges:

The case was filed by Attorney Ty Clevenger who represents Ed Henry who was let go by the company due to allegations of sexual harassment.

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Below is the filing:

2021.08.02 Complaint Judge Napalatono by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Another individual at the company was also identified for racist comments which were allegedly not addressed by the company as well.

FOX News has some real issues to deal with now.  This cannot be good for its reputation.

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