Joe Biden Needs to Stop Talking about Beau

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on Afghanistan during a speech in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., August 31, 2021.
(Carlos Barria/Reuters)
His elder son’s death is a tragedy — one that should not be used repeatedly as a shield against criticism of his foreign policy.


oe Biden should resolve to stop talking about the death of his son, Beau. He should do this immediately, he should do it without exception, and he should keep doing it until the exact moment he ceases to be president of the United States.

At some point in the recent past, President Biden has been informed by his acolytes that he is considered an empathetic man, and, moreover, that one of the causes of this reputation is that he has suffered an unusual number of personal tragedies — including, in 2015, the loss of his elder son. Unfortunately, at some point

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