Man who attacked police station after killing Lyft driver could have been ‘inspired’ by terrorism, FBI says

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that a man who shot and killed a Lyft driver before attacking a police station could have been “inspired” by a foreign terrorist organization.

The revelation about the Sunday attack was made by Matthew DeSarno, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Dallas, in a media briefing on Monday.

Police said Imran Ali Rasheed, 32, shot and killed a Lyft driver and then took her car to the Plano Police Department and fired shots in the lobby. Police officers fired back at him and he died later from his injuries at a hospital.

“We have not found an indication at this point of the investigation, that Rasheed was either directed by or in contact with foreign terrorist organization actors,” DeSarno said.

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“We believe at this point he was inspired by, you know, rhetoric, and or propaganda by a foreign terrorist organization,” he explained. “We define ‘inspired’ as the lack of direction but the inspiration for the attack.”

Plano police said that they found a letter left in the Lyft car that they said led them to believe he was inspired by terrorism.

The FBI said Rasheed was likely acting alone and they don’t believe other attacks were imminent.

Police identified the Lyft driver as Isabella Lewis, 26, and said that they didn’t think she had any relation to Rasheed but that she was a random victim who was killed because she responded to his request for a Lyft ride.

The FBI said that Rasheed had previously been investigated as a possible terror threat in 2010 by the Dallas FBI counterterrorism team.

“Over the course of three years, all investigative steps were taken, that investigation has been reviewed,” said DeSarno.

“I’m comfortable that the investigation was done thoroughly and properly,” he added, “and in 2013, after the exhaustion of all investigative steps, that investigation was closed when the case team determined that Rasheed at that time did not pose a threat.”

Plano Mayor John Muns released a statement praising the officers for limiting the bloodshed of the attack.

“What could have been a horrific tragedy was avoided, thanks to the swift and effective action of our Plano police officers,” Muns said. “I applaud the response of the officers who responded who stopped a dangerous situation from taking a deadly turn.”

DeSarno said the FBI investigation was still ongoing.

Here’s a local news report about the startling attack:

[embedded content]
Man Who Killed Lyft Driver ‘May Have Been Inspired By Foreign Terrorist Organization’, Dallas FBI Sa

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