Michael Malice: Here’s how the Australian lockdowns END the debate on gun control

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President Biden announced his sweeping vaccine mandate, displaying a grotesque disregard for the freedom and liberty of American citizens. With 100 million Americans potentially affected by this out-of-control government mandate, will citizens finally start fighting back against this blatant overreach? Meanwhile, Australia continues to cage its citizens in the name of safety, and France announced it will ban “non-essential” unvaccinated Americans and Israelis from entering the country. With no end in sight, governments around the world continue to sink to new lows.

Author and host of “Your Welcome” Michael Malice joined Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson on BlazeTV’s newest show “You Are Here” to share his unique philosophical ideology and help figure out what to do in a world gone mad.

Malice argued the tyrannical overreach of the Australian government has ended the gun control debate for 2nd Amendment supporters in America. He believes the answer to gun control isn’t legislation, but more gun proliferation.

Watch the video lip below to catch more of the conversation, or watch the full episode of “You Are Here” on YouTube:

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