The Media Imagine a Scientific Consensus on Student Mask Mandates

A student wearing a protective mask, attends class on the first day of school, amid the coronavirus pandemic in Florida, August 18, 2021. (Marco Bello/Reuters)

Welcome back to “Forgotten Fact-Checks,” a weekly column produced by National Review’s News Desk. This week, we explore the merits (or lack thereof) of progressives’ school masking obsession, remember the most well-done and important stories about the September attacks, and take our usual aim at various media misses.

Mask Madness

“The scientific research is conclusive: Widespread masking in schools significantly limits COVID transmission among students,” tweeted NPR while promoting its story “Yes, Gov. DeSantis, Studies Do Show Masks Curb Covid-19 In Schools.”

According to its author, the “still raging” political debate over whether masks should be required in schools ignores the “scientific consensus” …

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