MSNBC’s Joy Reid calls Republican Party a ‘creepy little COVID-loving death cult’ in ‘vile’ on-air rant — and gets blasted for it

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Fresh off her war of words with rapper Nicki Minaj — whom she accused of being culpable for the possible deaths of black people by casting doubts on COVID-19 vaccines — MSNBC’s Joy Reid widened her aim Wednesday and took on the Republican Party.

What did she say?

Reid — appearing more than a bit wide-eyed and ravenous in front of the camera — delivered what may be the winning entry for Hyperbolic Leftist Rant of the Year.

“OK, we get it!” Reid hollered at the GOP faithful, who no doubt were glued to their TV screens. “COVID is the precious, and you love it. You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships, and at the club. That great spongy ball with the red spikes? You want it pumping through your veins with an ivermectin chaser. Why do you love it so daggone much? Well, we have absolutely no bloody idea.”

Then after calling the GOP “weirdos” and pointing out some COVID-related stats and tragedies, Reid noted that far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s strict COVID policies — well, except for the ones that apparently don’t apply to him — are what helped him avoid a recall this week.

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“Republicans, your thirst for COVID is why you lost,” Reid continued. “Nobody likes your policies that threaten our safety and our kids. You may want COVID. You may want to ingest horse de-wormer and attend far too many funerals, but we don’t.”

She then added to the GOP that “your creepy little COVID-loving death cult ways are not gonna work for you at the ballot box next year. In fact, it’s political suicide — and also apparently talk-radio suicide, because your brilliant little COVID plan is killing your right-wing hosts.”

How did observers react?

Reid has an untold number of fans in her leftist camp who’d love it if she ramped up her ranting, but not everyone was down with her colorful characterizations of Republicans:

  • “Why is she allowed to speak like this on air, spreading vile, lying accusations against people she doesn’t agree with, likening them to criminals or worse?” one commenter asked. “She’s one of the nastiest humans on TV and social media. Many have health-based reasons to not take the shot, many had COVID.”
  • “It is interesting to me that liberals, particularly Democrat liberals, seem to project their OWN feelings and beliefs onto everyone else,” another user noted. “Dems are the lovers of COVID because they can continue to fear monger and dictate to control others. Joy, go take a valium and seek help.”
  • “You absolutely are mental and are contributing to the hate and divisiveness that permeates our country. You’re not reporting … not a journalist; [you’re] a lemming for your bosses who just want ratings,” another commenter contended. “To lump every Republican together is wrong. Your a bad person. Go away!”
  • “I had COVID, and no, we don’t want COVID. What kind of insane person would willingly pump COVID in their veins?” another user wondered. “Watching friends and family struggle and die. Why can’t anyone show some humanity toward fellow humans? Oh right, Democrats only know how to hate.”

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