Bill Maher says the Liberal Media should take responsibility for ‘SCARING the s**t out of people’

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In this clip, Steven Crowder discussed Bill Maher’s recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel and a New York Times survey that revealed Democrats as having a skewed perception of COVID-19 hospitalization rates.

“A survey in the New York Times asked readers what the chances are that a person would have to go to the hospital if they got COVID,” Maher said, noting that the answer is 1% to 5%. “The survey revealed that 41% of Democrats thought that 50% of COVID cases require hospitalization. Another 28% thought that 20% to 49% of COVID cases require hospitalization.”

Maher concluded that 70% of Democrats thought the number was way higher than what it actually was. He added, “The liberal media has to take a little responsibility for that … for scaring the s**t out of people.”

Crowder added that the 1% to 5% of COVID cases included cases where diagnosed patients were not admitted to the hospital for COVID-related reasons.

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