Video shows woman pulling a gun from her purse after Chipotle tried to close early: ‘Somebody better give me my food!’

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A woman who was irate that a Chipotle restaurant was closing early pulled a gun from her purse and demanded that employees finish her order.

The shocking incident unfolded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at about 5 p.m. on Saturday and was caught on surveillance video.

The woman can be seen on the video reaching into her purse and grabbing a handgun after a manager says he told her that the restaurant would have to close early because of staffing shortages.

The customers were instructed to order online because they were closing the lobby, but the woman demanded that they make her food before closing.

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Police say the woman told the employees there would be “a problem” if her order wasn’t completed.

She allegedly said, “somebody better give me my food!” and showed her gun a second time after they made her order.

The employee alerted mall security during the incident by pressing an emergency button, but the woman was able to leave with her order and escape.

Police said the woman left without paying for her food, and she could face armed robbery charges for doing so. They are asking for help from the public to identify either the woman or the man next to her in the video.

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Here’s the video of the shocking incident:

[embedded content]
‘Give me my food’: Woman pulls gun while in line at Chipotle

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