Nancy Pelosi scolds the media for not selling Democrats’ agenda, says Americans support it without knowing they do

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Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) publicly scolded the media for not “selling” the agenda of the Democratic party to Americans enough.

Pelosi made the bizarre accusation during her media briefing on Tuesday as negotiations continue on her massive spending bills in Congress.

“Our latest CBS News poll shows that only about 10% of Americans describe themselves as knowing a lot of specific things that are in the reconciliation package and that the majority don’t know anything at all,” said Nike Killion of CBS News.

“So do you think you need to do a better job at messaging,” she asked, “and going forward, how do you sell this if ultimately you have to —”

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“Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you!” Pelosi interrupted.

“But that’s why every time I come here I go through the list! Family medical leave. Climate — the issues that are in there!” she added.

Some took the odd exchange as a recognition from the house speaker that the mainstream media has a “cozy relationship” and affinity for Democrats.

Pelosi went on to explain that Americans supported the massive spending bills even though they didn’t know that they supported them.

“Whether they know it or not, they overwhelmingly support it,” she added.

She also expressed disappointment that Democrats weren’t able to get the support of moderate party members for their $3.5 trillion infrastructure package, but promised that it would still be “transformative” at a lower price.

“We have to have something that will pass the House and pass the Senate,” she concluded. “I’m not asking members to vote for something that has no chance to pass in the Senate. I’m optimistic that we will get to where we need to be in a timely fashion.”

Here’s the video of Pelosi’s comments:

[embedded content]
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