Australia building PERMANENT covid quarantine camps for “ongoing operations”

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Even though the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is pretty much already over, at least for the unvaccinated, Australia is busily constructing new “quarantine” camps that the government there says will be needed next year to house people “who have not had access to vaccination.”

In order to maintain “ongoing operations” for the plandemic, Australian officials are funding the construction of massive compounds, one of which reportedly has 1,000 beds and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2022.

“At this stage, the cabins will be used by domestic travelers returning from COVID hotspots,” a report about the quarantine facility being erected at the Wellcamp Airport outside of Toowoomba states.

The huge facility will reportedly employ many locals, which the government says will help to boost the economy. This is how they are marketing the project to try to lessen suspicions about it.

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“The camp is split into different zones and accommodates singles, doubles, and family rooms while being patrolled by police and security guards 24/7,” reports

Laid out much like a World War II concentration camp (see below), the prison camp will supposedly be used to help “flatten the curve” and keep Australians “safe” against future “variants” that are expected to emerge for as long as Tony Fauci wants them to emerge.

“This is crazy!” tweeted a group called Parents are Immediate Family. “Who will be made to stay in these prison camps?!”

Australia really is reverting back to the prison colony it started as

Queensland Premier Steven Miles told the media that he anticipates “a continuing need for quarantine facilities” well into the future, hence the need to construct these compounds at warp speed.

The government is leasing the land on which the Wellcamp facility is being built. There is an initial 12-month term that can be extended for another 12 months after that if the government chooses.

There is another similar 1,000-bed quarantine facility being set up on a 30-hectare Army barracks site in the industrial area of Pinkenba, near Brisbane Airport.

“Why anyone who had left Australia would come back again is unclear,” writes Dave Blount, joking about how anyone lucky enough to be able to leave Australia at this point would probably never want to return.

“It is possibly the most repressive country in the world regarding Covid tyranny.”

If you think such operations are only taking place in Australia, think again. The United States is similarly setting up “quarantine facilities” for Americans who are deemed to be “unable to quarantine at home.”

Canada and New Zealand are reportedly also doing the same, with Canada being perhaps the most honest about its true intentions. According to officials in Quebec City, “uncooperative” citizens will be isolated in Canada’s “quarantine” facility, the location of which remains a secret.

And finally we have Germany, the most ironic of all, which recently announced that it plans to hold Fauci Flu dissenters captive in a “detention camp” located near Dresden. It has all the makings of World War II reincarnated.

“Did you ever, in your lifetime, think that we would ever allow this on the planet again?” asked one commenter at “It’s hard to believe any of this is real. And yet, we have fellow human beings who not only agree with this, but cheer it on.”

“These people would stand outside the gates with insane eyes while they cheered on and bribed guards to humiliate and torture those inside. And finally, when the bodies of the dead began to burn and smoke filled the air, they would feel satisfied at the thought of ‘winning’ some insane war before burning forever themselves when the elite are through with them. Insanity.”

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