AG Garland Says He’s “Not Familiar” with Loudoun County Sexual Assault Scandal (VIDEO)


AG Merrick Garland

US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the Justice Department’s mission and policies.

Garland defended the memo he issued threatening parents who speak out against CRT being taught in schools and labeling them domestic terrorists.

But Garland can’t be bothered with details about teen girls being sexually assaulted at school by a male wearing a skirt.

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AG Garland said he’s “not familiar” with the Loudoun County sexual assault scandal.

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Two teenage girls were raped by a boy wearing a skirt in the girl’s bathroom and Garland doesn’t care.

“This sounds like a state case, and I’m not familiar with it…I don’t know any of the facts of this case,” Garland said under questioning from Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX).

Merrick Garland is only focused on demonizing parents who dare speak out against CRT because his son-in-law makes millions off of selling the Marxist literature across the country.

Garland’s son-in-law’s company, Panorama, provides its CRT-related platform to over 1,500 school districts, 23,000 schools, and 13 million students. No wonder he wanted to stop parents from criticizing CRT being pushed in US schools.

During the same hearing, Garland said he was familiar with so-called ‘threats’ against schools because he read about it in the newspapers.

But when it comes to the rape of a teenage girl, Garland doesn’t care one bit.


According to Daily Wire investigative reporter Luke Rosiak, the FBI called Loudoun to ask about the incident hours after it showed up on dispatch logs as calls for backup to deal with an “upset parent.”

“When it learned it was actually a sexually assault, it said it wasn’t interested,” he said.

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