Illinois state Senate votes to repeal law requiring parental notification when a pregnant minor seeks an abortion

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The Illinois state Senate voted Tuesday in favor of repealing a law requiring that the parents or guardians of a pregnant minor are alerted when a minor seeks an abortion.

Lawmakers voted 32-22 on the proposal, according to the Chicago Tribune, which reported that four Democrats voted with Republicans against the move, while five Democrats did not even vote.

The move to ditch the parental notice requirement is supported by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D), according to the outlet, which also reported that the matter now heads to the state’s House.

“Pro-notice advocates note that the 48-hour alert to a parent or guardian the law requires involves only notification, not consent,” the Associated Press noted.

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“Parental consent is not required under current law, and minors can ask a court to waive the notification requirement if they fear for their safety,” according to the Tribune.

The topic of abortion and the issues surrounding parental rights both remain areas of significant, contentious debate in the U.S.

“It’s the most basic human relationship that we know and it is a precious bond for a lifetime, most critical during a young girl’s, a minor’s, formative years….” Republican state Sen. Jil Tracy said, the AP reported. “We have enough problems in the state without creating more wedges between children and their parents.”

“One of the most detrimental laws that are currently on our books impacting young women is parental notification of abortion,” Democratic state Sen. Elgie Sims said, according to the outlet.

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