The Race-Marxists Finally Went Too Far

The Lincoln Project’s demonstrators stand with tiki torches on a sidewalk as Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin arrives on his bus for a campaign event in Charlottesville, Va., October 29, 2021.
(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
Americans are asking whether the radicals of CRT and BLM have any decency left.


hat good American would disagree that “black lives matter”? Who could be opposed to “diversity, equity, and inclusion”? Who doesn’t believe in “social justice”?

These are powerful, generation-defining terms, and millions of Americans put in them their hopes for a more perfect union. But somewhere along the way, the terms were hijacked by a radical movement of racist Marxists, who redefined those terms to mean all the things they believe in, even as they redefined “white supremacy” and “racism” to mean all the things they oppose.

It was a rhetorical trick worthy of con artists. But it was only a matter of

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