Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Huge Lead In Midterm Primary – ‘Cruising To Reelection’


If there is one conservative Republican Democrats hate more than Trump, it might be Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Democrats and the media have repeatedly tried to cancel Greene or even oust her from Congress.

They have tried to paint her as a toxic figure, but it hasn’t worked. She is on track to easily win reelection.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

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‘Badass’ Marjorie Taylor Greene cruising to reelection, DC critics ‘delusional’

First-term Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the GOP rebel Washington’s establishment loves to hate, has an enormous lead in her 2022 midterm election primary and is considered “badass” and “incredibly effective” despite being booted off all House committees by Democrats.

In a new campaign survey provided to Secrets, likely Republican primary voters in her northwest Georgia district chose Greene overwhelmingly over her potential opponents, and 53% would back her regardless of who challenges.

And a recent redistricting that added Democratic sections of Cobb County hasn’t watered down her support in the ruby-red 14th Congressional District.

“Anyone who thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is vulnerable in a Republican primary is delusional and severely detached from reality,” said her campaign pollster and media consultant, Neighborhood Research and Media, in the memo…

“She has an amazing 68-10 favorable rating — up from 48-12 in July — despite the addition of Democratic parts of Cobb County in recent redistricting,” said the memo.

Trump supporters love Greene because she has been unwavering in her support of Trump.

If Republicans win the House in 2022, which is likely, Greene could end up on important committees.

Democrats will lose their minds.

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