Twenty Foster-Care/Adoption/Child-Welfare Things That Caught My Eye: A Pro-Life Challenge, Foster Children in Hotels Instead of Homes & Some Christmas Adoption Joy

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First an aside: My Google Alerts for foster care and adoption sometimes drive me crazy, with links like this that pop up:

This Company’s Adoption Program Lets You Foster A Baby Coral In The Bahamas

No offense to baby corals, but baby humans need families.

1. Pro-Life Means We Examine What We Can ‘Never Do’

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2. Every time we choose to love other mortal beings, someday, we will have to give them back.

3. Republican senators write to Xavier Becerra about protecting faith-based child welfare providers

4. A story from England about the need for support for families who adopt


6.  More foster children are sleeping in hotels and offices for longer periods of time as Texas fails to solve its capacity crisis

7. Oregon foster system continues to house children in hotels, despite agreeing to stop

8.  One child has been in the system for 18 years. Another has lived in 26 homes. Black children in Colorado wait longer for adoption than other races – no matter their age.

9. With Urgent Need for More Foster Families in Mass., Cape Cod Woman Shares Her Story

10. “He has no idea how to open a bank account, cook a meal, or file his taxes.” — NBC: Challenges Facing Foster Kids Aging Out Of The System

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12. FOX 35 Care Force: Foster parents move from New York to Florida to raise more kids

13.  A ‘Christmas to remember.’ 6 siblings reunited through surprise adoption by Columbus couple

14.  Adopted families celebrate first Christmas together

15. Couple adds two daughters with special needs to their family through adoption

16. Single woman adopts student who lived in six different foster homes

17. Loralie is 9 years old. She spent almost half her life in foster care – 1,445 days.

18. Herbie Newell: Giving Hope and Receiving Hope: Why Christians Should Still Care about International Adoption

Also from Newell, president of Lifeline Children’s Services:

Beloved, we must strive to see orphaned and vulnerable children not as the world sees them but as the Author and Sustainer of Life sees them – with inestimable value, created bearing His image.

19. Beautiful story of lifesaving, from BraveLove: ”Reading the stories of other birth mothers — it was empowering.”

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The Global Impact of Sharing Stories from BraveLove on Vimeo.

20. He grew up in foster care, now ‘Kid Santa’ spends Christmas Eve delivering toys to kids in need


If you don’t know about one of the most important books of the year, No Way to Treat a Child: How the Foster Care System, Family Courts, and Racial Activists Are Wrecking Young Lives, learn about it from my conversation with its author, Naomi Schaefer Riley, last month:

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And if you want to hear from a mom doing the adoption thing, Melissa Buck is always great to hear from. And she’s a strong advocate for keeping siblings together, something she and her husband have done.

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