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We’re now approaching nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve already had it.

In February 2020, after a family trip to Disney World, I found myself ridiculously sick. It was a few weeks before the World Health Organization declared COVID a pandemic,  and Democrats were accusing Trump of being xenophobic for restricting travel with China and telling everyone not to worry about the virus.

Did I have COVID? I have no idea. If there’s ever a place to catch COVID, it’s Disney World. The park didn’t close down until several weeks later, and who knows how long COVID was spreading before China finally reported the disease to the World Health Organization on New Years’ Eve 2019.

At the time, I thought little of it. It was a bad cold or something. I got over it in a few days and thought very little of it until after the national panic started. However, little was known about how deadly COVID was at the time. So I figured, “Hey, I’m alive. I’m good. I didn’t have COVID.”

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Of course, it soon became apparent that COVID has a low case fatality rate. And, if you’re generally healthy with no comorbidities, you’re likely going to be okay. So I never bothered getting an antibody test to see if I had had COVID. It didn’t seem to matter.

I’ve been in many highly exposed situations since then. Frankly, after a very brief period of “doing the right thing” and diligently wearing masks, wiping down groceries before bringing them into the house, and all that other stuff, I was pretty anxious to return to everyday living. Writing for PJ Media, I was always reading about the latest news, and back then, there was slightly less censoring of information on social media. While COVID is a serious disease, it quickly became clear that it primarily affects the elderly and the immunocompromised. I may feel old sometimes (okay, most of the time), but being only 40 at the time, I was not in a high-risk age group and was generally healthy, save for high blood pressure.

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So, as soon as we were allowed to eat in restaurants again, we did. I know plenty who didn’t and some who still haven’t. But I wasn’t going to hide out in my house all year. In addition to shopping in stores and dining out, I even went to a Trump rally. It was outside, and mask-wearing was minimal. I didn’t get sick.

A couple of months later, my wife and I took our son to an indoor water park. We weren’t vaccinated. Mask wearing was recommended, but I honestly didn’t wear mine much. It was a water park, after all. I’ve been vaccinated since then, and after that, I decided I’d do whatever I could to return to everyday living, including going to a couple of concerts.

Have I been exposed to COVID in any of those situations? Probably. In fact, I would say the chances are good. But, if I have, I either had mild symptoms or was asymptomatic.

Recently, though, I felt a little off, but I didn’t take a test. Maybe with omicron, it would make sense, but thanks to Biden, there’s a shortage of COVID tests. So, unless I feel awful or know I’ve been exposed to COVID from someone who tested positive, why waste a test? Why wait in one of those ridiculously long lines for a test because Biden screwed up? Despite being in so many exposed situations, I’ve made it this far. So, yeah, I like my chances of getting through the pandemic. There are people who need care and treatment more than me, and I don’t need to take up resources unless there’s a legitimate need. So far, that hasn’t happened yet. Because I work from home, I don’t really get out that much anyway.

So, for now, whether or not I’ve had COVID remains a mystery. If I get sick, hopefully, there will be some COVID test available for me to find out for sure. But, in the meantime, I’ll take my vitamin D and vitamin C and live my life.

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