Lawyers for Cop Involved in Tony Timpa’s Death Raise George Floyd Comparison in Pushing for Dismissal

Tony Timpa died in custody of Dallas police in 2016 while suffering a mental health emergency. Officers kept Timpa pinned face down to the ground for more than 14 minutes. (Provided)

Lawyers for the police officer who held Dallas resident Tony Timpa face down on the ground for more than 14 minutes until he died in 2016 have raised a connection to George Floyd’s death four years later to question whether Dallas officers should have known prior to the ensuing national debate that holding subjects in the “prone restraint” could be unlawful.

On December 29, the Dallas City Attorney’s Office filed an appeal challenging an appellate court’ panel ruling that four of the Dallas police officers were not entitled to qualified immunity protections in connection with the case of Timpa, who died

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