‘The power is about to FLIP’: Glenn Beck explains how conservatives are WINNING on ‘so many fronts’

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It’s a race against the clock to save America, but those on the far left do know that they’re in trouble. In fact, conservatives are winning ideological battles on “so many fronts,” Glenn Beck explained on the radio program. The power is about to flip, he said, especially when it comes to one of the right’s once-biggest flaws: storytelling.

“We are winning on so many fronts. We are. It’s going to be a race against the clock, but they know they’re in trouble,” Glenn said.

“They are just so convinced they’re right and they’re so freaked out and so arrogant … they’re in a losing position, and the power is about to flip. And I think that is really great news.”

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn explain:

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