Trouble in Paradise: The Crumbling California Model

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, August 16, 2019. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
California is broken, but it is not doomed.


ome horrified conservatives dismiss California as the progressive dystopia, bound for bankruptcy and, let’s hope, growing irrelevance. Progressives, for their part, hail the Golden State as the avatar of a better future, the role model for a new, more environmentally friendly and socially just economic order. They often dismiss critiques as conservative misinformation.

Yet California is not doomed, at least in the near term, nor is it anything like a model of social democracy. As long as its tech oligarchs produce enormous profits and generate wealth, California remains fiscally flush for the near term, and the evolving economy, long on digitization …

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