Winter Readings


A new year is upon us, and with it the new Winter 2022 issue of National Affairs. Among the offerings this time:

  • Rick Hess on what the pandemic should teach us about education
  • Ryan Streeter on the actual case for dynamism in American life
  • Abby McCloskey on the future of family policy
  • Chris Pope on why Social Security is so regressive
  • Robert Saldin on the challenge of long-term care insurance
  • Patrick Brown on the limits of mentorship programs
  • Robert Beschel on Republicans and taxes
  • Arnold Kling on what a better regulatory state might look like
  • Seth Kaplan on paths to social renewal
  • Albert Cheng and Jay Greene on real civic education
  • Greg Weiner on liberty and chance
  • Allen Guelzo on how the framers understood federalism
  • Nick Eberstadt on the future of global population

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Happy reading and happy new year.

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