Progressives Finally Realize That Covid Is Not a ‘Moral Failing’

A nurse uses a nasal swab to test a person COVID-19 at a site run by the Marion County Health Department in Indianapolis, Ind., December 29, 2021.
(Cheney Orr/Reuters)
The same people who until now treated catching the virus as evidence of a character flaw have suddenly changed their minds. Don’t expect an apology.


arlier this week, CNN’s Chris Cillizza lamented that, throughout the pandemic, “Societally we unknowingly turned having Covid into some sort of judgment on your character.” To remedy this, Cillizza suggested, “We need to recognize that getting Covid isn’t a moral failing! It’s a super infectious disease that you can protect against, sure, but can’t guarantee you won’t get it.”

“Unknowingly”? “We need to recognize”? “Societally”? Does Chris Cillizza live in a sensory-deprivation tank?

There has been nothing “unknowing” about the implication that catching Covid is evidence of a “moral failing.” It has been the core of the progressive response to the disease. …

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