Sinead O’Connor’s Teen Son Dies After Going Missing


Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor, AKA Shuhada Sadaqat, announced her teen son had died after going missing.

Sinead O’Connor’s 17-year-old son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, went missing on Thursday after being hospitalized following two suicide attempts.

Sinead O’Connor spent several years in a mental institution and converted to Islam in 2018.

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Earlier this week, Sinead O’Connor took to Twitter and pleaded with her missing son to go to the police station.

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Sinead O’Connor was angry at the hospital for allowing her son to go missing on their watch.

On Saturday, Sinead O’Connor said she “formally identified the remains” of her son, Shane.

“May God forgive the Irish State for I never will,” she said.

It is unclear how Shane O’Connor died.

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