Wisconsin Republicans, It’s Time to Move Past Defective 2020 Election-Fraud Narratives

Election officials canvass absentee ballots received on Election Day at a central count facility in Kenosha, Wis., November 3, 2020. (Daniel Acker/Reuters)
We know what to do to secure future elections. Focusing on fake news about the 2020 presidential election is a discrediting distraction.


eginning on November 9, 2016, we heard a constant drumbeat from Democrats in Madison, Wis., and Washington, D.C.: “voter fraud,” “stolen election,” “Russian collusion.” Those claims now thoroughly debunked, we now hear a similar beat, only now coming from Republicans regarding November 3, 2020. But we now know more about the 2020 election than any other in history. And we know more than enough to conclude that it is time to move past the wild accusations made about this election using faulty information. Instead of dwelling on defective narratives about the past, we must take the steps warranted by multiple

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