Promise Keepers leader warns of pornography’s extremely dangerous impact as reverend details what really happens to women in such films

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Promise Keepers ministry chair and CEO Ken Harrison says that pornography is one of the ultimate dividers between man and God — and more.

What are the details?

Harrison warned, during the 2022 Promise Keepers Marriage Summit, that men should be “running in terror” from pornography “because it will separate us from God, from our kids, [and] from our wives.”

Harrison recounted a recent time with a group of men who insisted that they simply “couldn’t help themselves” when it came to viewing pornography and who insisted that it was God who “created them to be that way.”

Harrison recalled snapping, “No, no, no. God didn’t create you to be that way. God created you to have an intense longing for your wife. For the two to become one flesh. Sin created that same longing for every other woman.”

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“The Bible,” he continued, “says we must flee from sin. It’s an action. It’s a running in terror from it, because it will separate us from God, from our kids, from our wives.”

Harrison added that struggling men don’t have to live this way — so long as they turn over their whole lives to Jesus Christ.

“The Bible didn’t tell you to flee from lustful desires when it couldn’t actually happen,” he added. “You can’t get there in your flesh, you can’t get there by trying harder, you can’t get there by feeling guilty, but you can get there by giving your life over to Christ.”

The event, livestreamed on Monday, also featured National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference President Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, who said that women aren’t participating in pornography because it’s “fun,” but because they’re being used.

“She’s doing it because she’s been sexually traumatized, or abused, or trafficked,” Rodriguez said.

Harrison added, “Those people who are making that movie are not doing it because they’re your friends — they’re doing it because every time you click on a mouse, they make more money to exploit more women.”

Rodriguez pointed out that the very institution of marriage is under “unprecedented assault” and should be defended to the death.

“Healthy marriages produce healthy families, healthy families assimilate and make up healthy churches, healthy churches produce healthy communities, a healthy community will produce a healthy state, a healthy state will be part of a healthy nation,” he reasoned.

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