CNN’s Jim Acosta lectures Trump’s former DHS chief about ‘integrity’ — IMMEDIATELY regrets it

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CNN’s Jim Acosta invited former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf onto his show recently to talk about a certain controversial topic that was okay to discuss until right around November 2020. This topic, which has repeatedly been voiced by failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to name a few, can no longer be questioned, scrutinized, or even mentioned by anyone on the right, at least according to corporate media lackeys like Acosta.

Wolf, who served under former President Trump, told Acosta that confidence in our election system could be restored if we addressed known “irregularities” instead of refusing to acknowledge that there are any problems.

“Our elections are fine,” Acosta interrupted, but moments later conceded that “of course, there are some episodes” of fraud.

“Even if there’s a small amount, that is worth coming together and trying to solve that at a national level and at a state level so that we can get past this, so that we have some integrity in our elections,” Wolf argued.

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Acosta accused Wolf of “spreading doubt and fear about our election process.”

“These are simply facts,” Wolf calmly responded.

At this point, Acosta jumped up on his high horse and started to preach. “We need to have integrity among officials who work in the government and who have left the government, uh, who will tell the American people the truth that the election was decided fair and square.”

“We certainly need to have integrity by those reporting the news as well,” Wolf stated.

“We do have that integrity,” Acosta claimed. “But we expect that of our elected leaders and people who work under them because you can’t continue to sow these seeds of doubt about American democracy. It’s simply failing the American people to continue to lead them down this path of lies.”

“It’s not lies, Jim. I’m happy to go through everything that I just said and to go into detail,” Wolf said.

“It sounds, it sounds, it sounds like you’ve watched one too many conspiracy films about the 2020 election,” Acosta stammered.

“No, I’m actually reading the news,” said Wolf.

On “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a clip of the exchange and came to the obvious conclusion: “CNN is still a propaganda network.” Watch the video clip below. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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